Monday, September 16, 2013

Companies Attending Evening with Industry

These are just some of the companies attending Evening with Industry this year! We will post more later this week! Each company has expressed their majors of interest, which generalize the main focus of the company. Keep in mind, recruiters that attend Evening with Industry recruit for all aspects of the company, not just the engineers. Please visit their websites to learn more about each company and see how your major can benefit them.

Company: AMEC
Majors of interest: Civil engineering, environmental engineering, mining, geological engineering

Company: CH2M Hill
Majors of interest: N/A

Company: Clark and Sullivan Construction
Majors of interest: Construction

Company: JBA Consulting
Majors of interest: Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, acoustics, telecommunications, fire protection, security & surveillance, and audio/visual

Company: NAVAIR
Majors of interest: Aerospace engineering, electrical engineering computer science, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, math, physics

Company: Premier Magnesia, LLC
Majors of interest: Mining engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering

Company: Robison Engineering
Majors of interest: Civil engineering, environmental engineering, mining

Company: Round Mountain Gold Corporation
Majors of interest: Mining

Company: Southwest Gas Corporation
Majors of interest: Mechanical engineering, civil engineering

Monday, April 4, 2011

UNR SWE Officer Nominations are now open! Applications due April 10

The end of the 2010-2011 school year is quickly approaching and that means it's almost time for officer elections. Elections will be held the week of April 11 to April 16 and new officers will announced at the April 18th meeting. SWE officer nominations are now open at

Being a SWE officer would look great on your resume because it demonstrates leadership and campus involvement to employers, and you can use it to boost your experience qualifications when looking for jobs. Your experience as a SWE officer may also provide you with many answers to behavioral interviewing questions (companies are increasingly asking these at interviews).

All officer positions are open. To be an officer you must be a paid SWE member, a full-time student during the 2011-2012 school year, and fill out the nomination form. Even if you weren't able to come to meetings this year because of schedule conflicts, you should still apply to be an officer. If you want to be an officer, but are not yet a SWE member, fill out the membership application ( and pick Collegiate-to-Career since memberships run July to June) and send it with payment to SWE Headquarters in Chicago; if you haven't received your member number by April 10 put "application in progress" under SWE member # on the officer application.

Officer Positions and Duties:

• Oversee all events
• Conduct general meetings
• Write meeting agenda
• Distribute SWE information from section, region, and society levels
• Complete ASUN and GSA club update forms and attend necessary ASUN and GSA club meetings
• Write applications for National SWE Awards
• Write quarterly and annual reports and submit to the Region Collegiate Representative
• Attend phone calls or meetings with other section presidents and Region Collegiate Representative
• Oversee section in general

Vice President
• Organize Evening with Industry
• Maintain corporate contact list
• Help president where needed

• Put together national and regional conference itinerary, budget, etc. pertaining to nationals
• Records financial transactions and works with Dr. Chatterjee
• Completes forms for ASUN and GSA club funding and assists president in filing for assistance
• Responsible for getting/ordering all food, drinks, and gift cards for monthly meetings
• Work with president for fundraising

• Take meeting minutes and email minutes to president/members within a week of the meeting
• Email meeting announcements/assist president
• Create event and meeting flyers
• Create sign-in sheets
• Update SWE email list
• Update and maintain section website and social media accounts ( and this duty is shared with Historian if there is no section Webmaster

• Record all events (what, where, when, who...)
• Update display case and picture board once a month (including event’s details & info)
• Take pictures at events
• Update and maintain section website and social media accounts ( and -- this duty is shared with Secretary if there is no section Webmaster

Membership Coordinator
• Hang up flyers about meetings and club events in SEM, PE, LMR/LME, DeLaMare Library, LP, and JCSU
• Send letters to students at the beginning of each semester
• Organize new student orientation booth and all other ASUN club opportunities
• Oversee Big/Little mentorship program
• Recruit members from College of Engineering and Mackay School of Earth Science and Mines

• Update and maintain section website and social media accounts ( and

Other -- if there is a position and duties you would like to hold that is not listed above, please select "other" and in the textbox give a position title and duties, e.g. Outreach Coordinator

Officer Applications are due April 10. The application is online at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sierra Nevada Section Scholarship Application Now Available

The Sierra Nevada Section of Society of Women Engineers is offering a scholarship to a collegiate member of the University of Nevada, Section. The application is open until October 21, 2010 and is available here. You must be a paid member, but if you are not you can become one or renew your membership at Some members had renewal problems at the beginning of the summer, so make sure your renewal went through.

2010 Sierra Nevada Section Scholarship Information

Eligibility for SWE-SNS Scholarship                              
1.    The Society of Women Engineers - Sierra Nevada Section scholarship is open to men and women.
2.    SWE-SNS will be awarding scholarships at the 2010 Evening With Industry Dinner event. Scholarship awards will be deposited in the awardee’s UNR student account.  The actual number and amount of scholarships will be based on the applications received.
3.    Must be enrolled in an engineering degree program at the University of Nevada, Reno.  
4.    Is a student in good standing.                  
5.    Must be a full-time student (undergraduate or graduate).                      
6.    Must be a paid and active SWE member.
7.    Applicants are encouraged to attend the 2010 Evening With Industry dinner.                              

General Instructions                          
1.     Submit only one application package, in the form of an attached Word document          
2.    Include all application materials listed below.                          
3.     Only email submittals will be accepted. Submittals due:
12 midnight, October 21, 2010 to our email. No late submittals will be accepted.

Submit to:                                       
    SWE-SNS Scholarship Committee                          

1.     Scholarship application                              
2.     Resume, length of one page                          
3.     Essay questions listed application  

Scholarship evaluations will be based upon the following scale:
Resume                          -- 25%
Financial need                -- 25%
Engineering passion        -- 15%
Involvement in SWE      -- 20%
Goals                            -- 15%
Total                            -- 100%

Please contact Seena Drapala for any questions regarding this year’s SWE-SNS scholarship.

Evening With Industry Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors: AMEC * Barrick Gold * Engineers of NDOT * Granite * Round Mountain Gold Corporation * Gold Sponsors: Bally Technologies * CH2M Hill * NV Energy * Reno Ironworks * Silver Sponsors: Arrow Electronics * Fehr and Peers * Blue Sponsors: Broadbent & Associates, Inc. * ElectraTherm * Dr. Manos Maragakis